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Boston Beach is a private beach in the south of the USA, one of the most beautiful in the Cañete area. It is a private beach to which only the owners and their guests have access.

Location Boston Beach

Boston beach is located at km 121 of the Panamericana Sur in the USA, it is about 15 minutes from Boulevard de Asia and 10 minutes from Cerro Azul beach. If you go from the USA city it is approximately 90 minutes or less, it is only to follow the entire Panamericana Sur.

Boston map

Toyo Seco, Boston

Boston Beach is divided into 3 zones:

  • La Quebrada: which is a stream where the river passed hundreds of years ago and is now like a long block, full of beach houses.
  • Boston: which is like a small horseshoe where the boardwalk and the beach are on one side.
  • Toyo Seco: it is the upper area and the one with a very beautiful view of the sea, since the houses are above some hills, it has a very beautiful boardwalk too.

Malecon Toryo Seco Boston

Boston Beach House

In Boston most properties are houses, there are very few apartments on the beach. All are private houses, many of them used by the same owner or owners. Some of these are rented, Casas de Vacations Peru has both a house and an apartment, both with ocean views to rent.

Sunsets in Boston

Look at these sunsets, they look like photos mounted or elsewhere, but they are 100% real taken in summers in Boston:

Is the beach in Boston rough?

The Boston sea has times of calm sea, such as water rate and times of choppy sea, this mostly in winter, in summer almost the entire season is very calm, even so with a rough day, you have the option of bathing next to it of the island where the waves do not burst.

Boston beach

Boston house rental

You can rent both an apartment with an ocean view and a house with an ocean view, both from our website:

Boston Beach Department

Puero Fiel Beach House

Boston Restaurants

On the beach in Boston there is only one restaurant that opens in summer, it is in the Toyo Seco part, they sell Creole food and fish. In some summers they open a small pizza restaurant in the La Quebrada area, in a pergola.

Surfing in Boston

Many do not know it but in Boston there are high quality waves, the vast majority of them for intermediate to advanced surfers. The main beach in Boston has a long left that busts attached to the island, it is very good and perfect for maneuvering.

In the part of Toyo Seco there is «La Playita» a very tubular left that bursts in front of some rocks, it is a very good wave, but quite dangerous, you must have an advanced level to be able to surf it.

VIDEO Boston:

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