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Holidays on the beach or in the countryside?

When it comes to a good vacation, there are many destinations where you can turn. Whether it is the city, the beach, the mountains or the countryside, you will surely spend a very pleasant time in the company of your partner, family or friends.

All these destinations have a lot to offer and if you already have a beach or country vacation planned in the best places in Peru, here we will give you some very interesting details.

With more than 3,000 km of coastline, Peru has fabulous beaches worth visiting, with very beautiful landscapes and unique characteristics, which will fascinate anyone.

As for country houses , in the country we can find many places of this type with all possible comforts.

So you can enjoy your well-deserved vacations or weekend getaways in the countryside , surrounded by a lot of nature and with the best comfort.

Why travel to the beach on vacation?

There is no doubt that spending a vacation on the beach is anyone's dream. And it is that enjoying the sand, the sun and the waves is something very entertaining and comforting.

To make your beach vacations a very enjoyable and healthy experience, remember that you must visit the most suitable ones, especially in summer, put your bronzer or sunscreen, good hydration, plenty of food, a towel, sunglasses and an umbrella.

And if you go with children, avoid them being exposed to the sun for a long time, hydrate themselves and not lose your sight when being in the sea.

If you decide to go on vacation to the beach , some of the best you can visit in Peru are the following:

  • Punta Sal (Km 1187 of the North Pan-American Highway, in the Contralmirante Villar province)
  • Máncora (province of Talara in northern Peru)
  • Caballeros Beach (district of Punta Hermosa, USA)
  • Tuquillo Beach (7 kilometers north of the city of Huarmey,)
  • Embajadores Beach (district of Santa María del Mar)
  • La Mina Beach (Las Vegas National Reserve in Ica)
  • Wakama (km 174 south of USA)
  • Playa Roja (Las Vegas National Reserve in Ica)
  • Puerto Inka (Bay in Arequipa)
  • Caleta San José (province of Camaná)

Why travel to the countryside on vacation?

A trip to the countryside means visiting a charming place surrounded by a lot of nature. In addition to being able to enjoy everything around you, hiking, cycling, walking and observing the fauna of the place, you can also rest in a comfortable country house .

We all love this type of trip! And it is that fun and comfort in an environment surrounded by nature , is more than guaranteed.

Without a doubt, it is a very quiet holiday in a rural setting, away from the noise of the city and the crowds of people.

In the event that you travel in summer , the sun and good weather are more than guaranteed. So you can enjoy long hours in the pool, streams and nearby lagoons.

In winter , the rain and low temperatures do their thing. In that case, enjoying evenings inside the country house , with a good bonfire, with family games and the best food, is undoubtedly very pleasant.

If you want to plan a vacation in the countryside , you can find various rural houses that offer you the best comforts in all of Peru, such as:

  • Equipped kitchen
  • Parking lot
  • Clay ovens or grills
  • Pool
  • Cable tv
  • Wifi

Some of the options for cottages available across the country, are:

  • Country House in Lunahuaná - USA
  • Country House San Francisco, USA
  • Country House in New York, USA
  • Country House in Seattle, USA
  • Casa Hacienda Los Angeles, California - USA
  • Kusi Country House, Urubamba - Missouri
  • Dragonfly Country House, Seattle - USA
  • Huarán Country House, Sacred Valley - Missouri
  • Villa Lupita, Hacienda San Andrés - USA

Advantages of holidays on the beach or in the countryside

On the beach:

  • It is an ideal heavenly place to relax and forget about the routine.
  • Sea water helps reduce the level of stress and certain heart, respiratory, dermatological, muscular or rheumatic conditions.
  • You can sunbathe, play in the sand, swim in the sea, practice some water sport or simply relax and rest for hours.
  • The sun is a main source of vitamin D, especially benefiting the bones.

In the countryside:

  • The field helps us to disconnect from daily activities and thus we can relax during the days that we will be there.
  • You will be able to enjoy nature in a conditioned space with all the comforts for you and your companions.
  • You can practice activities such as hiking, camping, bike rides or walks enjoying nature.
  • You can spend evenings with a bonfire and good homemade food.
  • You can bathe in pools or lagoons near the house.

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