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Clay Oven or Grill, Which is Better?

There is no doubt that the grill or clay oven are 2 very used utensils when preparing various foods. But, both have certain characteristics that differentiate them from each other and that you should know.

Therefore, here we will indicate the advantages and disadvantages of the grill and the clay oven , the best foods to cook in each one, among other details more related to the wood oven and grill.

Pros and cons of the grill

Preparing food on the grill is a very simple way of cooking, since grills are basically used to cook meats outdoors.

Although the way of grilling is the same as that of the clay oven , the main difference is that on the grill, the heat source is located below the food.


On the other hand, the intensity of heat used in the grill makes it ideal for fine cuts such as chicken quarters, steaks, chops, among others.

Additionally, grilling is ideal for people on a low-fat diet , since it removes them from food in the cooking process.

As for its disadvantages, the risk of fire may be greater (due to sparks), in addition, charcoal leaves a lot of dirt and it can take time to ignite or reach the ideal temperature.

You can review our full article on tips for a good grill for more tips on this.


Pros and cons of the clay oven

Preparing food in a clay oven can be a slower cooking method, but much more involving and less intense . And is that when cooking in these ovens, all the heat is distributed evenly along the walls, giving very satisfactory results.

Despite the fact that food cooks more slowly on the grill, in the end you will have meats just right and without burnt pieces.

Something to note is that when cooking food in a clay oven , the meats must be put at the beginning and with the bone facing up (if it contains it). After that side of the piece is well cooked, we proceed to turn the piece of meat.

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And it is that unlike the grill, in this type of ovens the food is cooked from above, because the heat source comes from the top (and not the bottom).

These ovens are built with appropriate materials, which retain heat for a long time, thus obtaining a higher performance.

In addition to the great taste of your meals, in the end you will have less dirt and you will reduce the emission of C02 to the environment.

What kind of food is better to cook on the grill and in the clay oven

On the grill

The best foods to cook on the grill are meats (especially fine), sausages, blood sausage, bacon, chistorra, skewers , chicken wings and thighs , as well as certain vegetables.

If you use the proper techniques, your food will be very juicy, it will cook quickly and you will have the best flavor of the embers in it.

In the clay oven

Cooking in a clay oven allows you to enjoy recipes with unique flavors and very traditional methods.

 Meats, fish, bacon, stews, stews, bone broths, pizzas, rice dishes, bread, vegetables and some pastry dishes are ideal to prepare in these types of oven, thanks to the fact that the heat is evenly distributed, making the food cook evenly.

In addition, the aromas of the smoke will pair the food and enhance the flavors of all food and seasonings, something that diners will love.

Which takes longer to grill or clay oven

Typically, it takes about 30 minutes for the grill to have suitable embers to cook inside and prepare multiple foods at once.

In the case of the clay oven , it can take more than 45 minutes to reach the ideal temperature for baking.

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Firewood or charcoal for cooking?

In the event that you are going to prepare meals in a grill oven located in an indoor place or that does not have much ventilation, and also are different types of food, charcoal is more recommended than firewood.

The firewood, for its part, is ideal for preparing specific foods and less quickly. In addition to the fact that it takes longer to make a good grill, it can give different flavors to the breath depending on the type of firewood.

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