cleaning and hygiene measures

Cleaning Protocols for All Our Homes

The safety of our guests is our highest priority. We have taken the necessary measures to guarantee that our houses comply with the cleaning and hygiene protocols to prevent infections by Covid - 19:

Towels and bedding:

At the moment, towels, bed linen, or sheets are NOT being offered for any of our houses. It is necessary that each guest bring their own, so they will be safer.

Cleaning and disinfection:

We use disinfectant solutions to clean all surfaces in our homes. This includes anything that previous guests have been able to touch, such as keys, door handles, chairs, light switches, among others.

cleaning and disinfection against coronavirus

Swimming pools

Contagion in the aquatic environment is very unlikely. Chlorine is the great ally to fight the virus and according to the WHO a residual concentration of free chlorine of> 0.5 mg / L (in swimming pools there is a minimum of 1 mg) in the pool water is sufficient to eliminate enveloped viruses such as coronavirus. With 1-3 mg / L they would be enough to avoid the risks of contamination during the bath.

Time between reservations of at least 24 hours:

We are not allowing guests to arrive the same day that others leave, we are giving ourselves 24 or 48 hours to be able to properly clean and disinfect the house.


Because Covid - 19 has hit the tourism industry hard, and the vacation rental industry is no stranger, we want to reactivate tourism even if it is little by little. Cancellations are not allowed but change of date. "Don't cancel, postpone"

Cleaning Employees:

At the moment no cleaning staff or employee will be in the house with the guests, they will only go in case of emergencies.

Payment Methods:

To avoid contagion due to money manipulation, all payment is by bank transfer.

Use of masks:

It is mandatory that each and every one of the guests wear masks and use them in case they leave the house.

Beaches and Covid -19 Measures

For beach houses that we have in the USA, these are located on private beaches, which can be bathed on the beach on weekends (Friday to Sunday the entrance to the beaches is not allowed) However, from Monday to Sunday sports are allowed aquatic like surfing, swimming, diver, among others. It is important that each and every member of the family always wear a mask on weekdays at the beach and keep their distance. For beaches outside the USA, such extreme measures are not yet available.

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