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Tips for a Good Grill

A good grill can not be missing in your meetings with friends and family. But, you must have proper planning and follow certain tips , so that everything turns out as you expected.

If you want to be a grill master, you don't need to spend hours reading how to do it. Here we will give you the best tips for a good grill and in this way you will meet your expectations and that of your guests.

Let's start with the basics and what you need to know beforehand:

How to clean the grill

How to prepare a grill will not be that difficult, but the work that nobody wants to do before and after, is obviously cleaning the grill , which is certainly a necessary thing.

At the end of the grill, remember that the embers may be very hot after a few hours.

If the grill is one of the models with a lid , it can be left on to make it easier to put out the fire. Otherwise, you must remove the wood or coal that has not been turned on and then make time for the coals are consumed.

It is advisable not to extinguish the fire with water , but if required, this alternative can be taken.

Then, we proceed to clean the grill by passing a metal scourer over the sheets. This way, dirt will not accumulate and the grill will be like new. You can also clean it with an onion cut in half, it is a technique that many people usually do.

What yields more firewood or charcoal

In the event that you are going to prepare a grill in an area with little ventilation , charcoal is undoubtedly more recommended than firewood.

In addition, charcoal is better for grilling different foods, lighting the fire much faster.

firewood or charcoal

On the other hand, firewood is ideal for more specific preparations, taking longer to make a good grill (depending on the type of wood) and giving a different flavor to each food. Works great in clay ovens .

What is the ideal height of the grill

Another point to know about how to make a grill is its ideal height, which should be 10 to 15 cm from the ground.

In this way, you will first guarantee your comfort and safety. Then, the operation of the grill, the embers or the firewood will be the most appropriate.

Recommendations of meats for grill

  • Preparing meat on the grill requires an appropriate time . Therefore, you should put the pieces on the grill and let them cook without haste.
  • In those areas where there is little heat , that is to say that they are more distant from the embers, you should put the pieces that you want to grill with more time.
  • You should not check or turn the meat every moment, only do it when it is already observed that they are at their ideal point.
  • When you start to remove the meats that are just right from the grill, you can put the larger pieces first, which are the ones that require the most time.

How to grill meat

To make grilled meats , in addition to choosing quality meat , you have to remember that you must have it at room temperature, a few minutes before putting it on the grill.

Another tip on how to grill meat is to put the meat in marinades and marinades the night before grilling. In this way, the marinated, smoked (embers) and roasted (meat) flavors can be mixed, obtaining a fabulous result.

grill tips

If you want to add an aromatic touch to the grilled meat, you can include some herb such as thyme or rosemary on the sides of the grill.

Remember not to overcook so that the meat does not lose its juices and the irresistible flavor. You can also try different cuts of meat , to give more variety to the grill

How to Season Grilled Chicken

We recommend that you first not add salt to the chicken before putting it on the grill. And it is better to season it with salt to taste once it is cooked , in this way, it will remain juicier and more delicious.

Additionally, you can season the chicken with other spices, including aromatic herbs, black pepper, and garlic powder.

Grilled burgers

To cook burgers on the grill at a dinner with friends or on a family weekend, you must follow certain tips to do it in the best possible way.

First, it is very important that you buy a good quality meat and then that it is ideally seasoned.

So that our grilled hamburger is very juicy, the secret so that the meat does not dry out is to put an ice cube inside each hamburger , as you read it!

how to prepare burgers on the grill

But you will not have to make the cubes only with water, you will also add a marinated meat broth.

When you go to prepare the burgers , you will take the pieces of meat and make some balls by putting a cube of said broth inside. Then, you squeeze the balls to give it the proper shape and voila, you can put it on your grill.

Toppings for the grill

A grill not only consists of meat, you can also add sausages, blood sausage, bacon, chicken pieces (thighs, or wings), among others.

In addition, you can prepare starters, salads, desserts and other appetizers , so that in this way the menu is much more varied.

Drinks is also an important point that should not be neglected, as grills are usually carried out outdoors, at a warm temperature and near the source of heat (embers or charcoal).

Therefore, it is key to have drinks such as drinking water, juices, beers, wines, lemonades, sangrías and other similar products.

Knowing all these tips for a good grill , you can become a true expert and no longer have to ask anyone else how to grill.

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Tips for a Good Grill

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