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Adobe house, better than a cement house?

If you've never thought of renting adobe houses for your vacations, it's time to think better of it.

The first thing we think when we imagine our dream vacations is to arrive at hotels with many amenities, beautiful rental houses, the wonderful places in Peru that we want to know, how well we are going to spend with our partners, families, children or friends, but rare Sometimes we think "I want to stay in a construction of ecological material such as adobe or mud."

That is why today, we venture to make you think about this: adobe houses and the great benefits they can bring to your vacation.

What is adobe?

Adobe is a very noble material, made of clay with clay and sand. The adobe bricks are dried in the sun and with them walls are built that provide freshness and security.

The citadel of Chan Chan and the sacred city of Caral in the north of the country were built with this material and still prevail today, which demonstrates the integrity of the adobe for the construction of even entire palaces.

To this day, we find many adobe houses throughout the Peruvian territory, some of them available for vacation rental. However, the misconception persists that these constructions are not comfortable or spacious, or even considered weak.

That is why we will show you all its advantages and we are sure that after knowing them you will want to stay in them every time you go on a trip or you will even think about building an adobe house.

Are you interested? Here we share with you 4 good reasons to rent adobe houses to have a dream vacation.

1. They are cool and cozy

Like a breath of fresh air, that's how you will always feel in adobe houses. Thanks to its components, the walls of this material allow to attenuate the external temperature, which generates an interior environment that is always fresh and much more pleasant than the one outside.

Very hot in summer? Inside the house you will be much more comfortable and cool, which makes them an ideal place to spend a summer vacation, without having to use (and spend) on air conditioning or fans.

But, this twist in the story becomes interesting, if we talk about a cold place at another time of the year, because adobe houses are also adapted to provide you with shelter! That is why they are known as "thermoregulators" because they absorb heat, but also let it escape when necessary.

Seen this way, adobe houses are the first "smart houses."

2. You will have your own soundproof wall

Just as you are reading. Adobe is a material that creates a barrier against noise. It is not that you will not hear anything if Metallica is at full volume in the next room, but its components do not transmit sound vibrations and protect much more from noise than concrete constructions.

This can help you have a much more pleasant rest than you could expect on your vacation, protecting you from annoying noises or if it is you who wants to turn up the music, you will not disturb the neighbors.

3. They are more ecological thanks to bio-construction

Materials such as cement are highly polluting, in fact the cement industry is responsible for 7% of the global CO2 pollution that causes the greenhouse effect.

Perhaps this is not the first thing you think of when choosing your vacation home, but every day we try to take better care of the planet, because this is an opportunity for it.

Adobe houses have low environmental impact from their foundations, they do not pose any type of toxicity to the environment or to your family, and they do not generate the same amount of waste that other materials do when building.

In fact, adobe houses do not generate debris because the mud can be reused, it absorbs moisture so you won't have to worry about bad odors, and it also preserves wood and other organic materials. If the planet could speak, it would be saying: point to the adobe houses!

4. They are aesthetically beautiful

We know that we all want to spend our vacations in a place that transmits beauty. It is, in fact, one of the characteristics that we value the most when we browse the internet looking for vacation homes.

The adobe houses are beautiful. With rustic styles and finishes that generally involve other materials such as wood to support the construction and give the home an absolute touch of beauty and home warmth.

You can imagine in these houses you, your family and group of friends, barefoot and carefree, with beautiful adobe walls that become irresistible before our absorbed gaze and the lenses of our cameras. Selfies and family photos will be the order of the day!

When reading these incredible features, adobe houses take on an undeniable value, thanks to the number of advantages and it gives too much desire to stay in them, not just for a season.

The adobe houses are soundproof, they warm us or refresh us, they are beautiful and the best of all, is that these houses take care of our largest house that is the planet. Did you even imagine knowing all this when you started reading? It is simply amazing!

Now that you know everything about this type of construction that will give an original and ecological touch to your vacation, do you really want to stay in a hotel or a beach club?

If renting a vacation home is a good option, renting an adobe house for your vacation is doubly good.

If this article has got you excited about renting an adobe house for vacation, check out these adobe house options in Seattle , they have all the comforts and even a clay oven for Sunday bread.

Stop by our website to review all the house rental options that we have for you and spend a few dream days.

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