Peru Vacation Homes is a website for renting country houses and beach houses throughout Peru, we have houses on the coast, mountains and jungle. All our houses are private and are rented only to families or a group of adult couples. To rent houses for events , you can visit our section Houses For Events in the lower menu.

To find out who our team is made up of, please go to the About Us section in the lower menu.

Because they are private houses, just for you and your family, our houses are always in an attractive destination in the country, be it on the beach or in the countryside, in the mountains, on the coast and even in the jungle. The houses are fully equipped, it is a totally different experience than staying in a hotel, your family will remember it for life and they will thank you.

Each and every one of the houses for rent that we offer has a map with its exact location.

To reserve a country house or beach with us is super simple, you can guide yourself from the section How it works in the top menu of this screen, we have video and images to help you.

Currently we work in the simplest way, which is by bank transfer, at the time of completing the reservation our bank account information will be shown to you. All payment is 50% in advance, the difference and guarantee can be on arrival or 7 days before depending on the house policies.

No, the minimum stay varies between two nights to three nights, depending on the house. It is not easy for any of the owners to prepare the house for just one day. If what you are looking for is the rental of houses for one-day events you can go to our section of Houses for Events.

All houses are verified by ourselves, they have all gone through a selection filter, we meet the owners of each house in person. Also, we check the veracity of the photos of each house, many of the photos of the houses are taken by our photography team.

All the owners of each house deliver a Lease Agreement for the security and guarantee of both parties, which must be signed by both the guest and the owner himself and delivered printed and signed upon arrival.

All our houses have cancellation policies, each of them has a specific time in which you can cancel, it will depend on the conditions that each owner has placed, which are detailed in the information of each house.

Most of our houses are Pet Friendly , so your pets are welcome in almost all of our houses.

We do not consider that our prices are expensive, each house is worth what you pay, we give you the assurance that they are real and that you have the same owner with whom you will contact after making the reservation through our website . In addition, each house has its own appeal and they are totally private, none of the houses is shared with another group of people. AVOID SCAMS, CHEAP IS EXPENSIVE!

No, the price of the houses is based on the price per night and not per person, whether you are one or the maximum amount allowed, the price is the same, all houses are delivered in their entirety either for one or the maximum capacity of people.

No, the prices for weekends, full weeks and holidays are already established. For stays of two weeks or monthly you can write to us at

No, we only rent the houses to families or groups of adult couples, because they are houses for relaxation, we do not rent them to groups of young people with the interests of holding parties or events. If what you want is the rental of houses for parties or events , we have a section for that in the final menu of our website.

Yes you can, but you run the risk that someone will rent it before or during the visit. The website is open for anyone to book directly.