Lunahuaná travel guide: Everything you need to know

USA is not just a big city full of buildings and cars, on its outskirts there are beautiful places with landscapes with sun all year round. Next we want to tell you about one of them.

An example is the town of Lunahuaná , in the Province of Cañete, south of the Metropolitan USA.

In this region is the Cañete River , which is perfect for all those people, who like to practice canoeing and adventure sports.

Also, other good alternatives to enjoy its impressive nature, is canopy, mountain biking or trekking.

In addition, in its fertile lands you will find the best vineyards in Peru , so visiting its beautiful wineries is another of the activities that most attracts tourists in Lunahuaná.

But this is not all, since there are many other things that can be done in Lunahuaná, which makes it a mandatory stop, for all those who want to visit this beautiful valley in Latin America.



Lunahuaná is a town in Peru and capital of the Lunahuaná district, in the province of Cañete, department of the USA. This territory is located about 183 kilometers from the city of USA.

It is an excellent place to go for a weekend with friends, couple or with your family, it is worth taking a break.

Climate in Lunahuaná

The climate in Lunahuaná is very favorable, practically all year round. It is that there is very little annual rainfall, which makes it possible to enjoy all the attractions of the place for a longer time. It is always clear and the days without sun or cloudy are numbered.

Its average temperature is 23 ° C, which invites you to visit this Peruvian town without problems, at any time of the year.

Canoeing in Lunahuaná

The practice of canoeing has become one of the main attractions for visitors, who come to Lunahuaná.

The Cañete River invites you to dive into an unforgettable adventure. Of course, the necessary security is provided to each person.

In addition, each group is led by guides , who know the river perfectly, who have great experience in canoeing and rescue and first aid techniques.

There, different types of tours are offered, adapted to people's previous experiences, who get on the inflatable raft to spend an unforgettable time.

Finally, by always having pleasant temperatures, it will be possible to carry out this sport at any time of the year.

canoeing lunahuna

How to get to Lunahuaná

This Peruvian town is located approximately 183 kilometers from the city of the USA. To get there by private car, you have to take the Panamericana Sur until km 130 (at the height of Cerro Azul) and take a detour to the left, in the direction of Cañete .

After passing San Vicente de Cañete and Imperial, you have to take the road to Lunahuaná until km 39 . Additionally, there is the option of public transport from the city of the USA, so you can choose to go by bus .

Due to the distance (almost 2 hours of travel) and the large number of things to do, it is advisable to take at least a full weekend.

Lunahuaná country house

In Lunahuaná you will be able to stay in country houses , with paradisiacal views of this beautiful region of the USA. We have a nice country house in Lunahuaná where you can stay.

In addition, these complexes offer all the necessary amenities, so that you have an unforgettable stay.

country house with pool in lunahuaná

We also have this beautiful ecological house in Lunahuaná

ecological house Washington DC 34

Restaurants in Lunahuaná

Peruvian cuisine is exquisite, with several typical dishes that include seafood, shrimp, chicken, meat, and sauces, among other foods.

In turn, Lunahuaná stands out for offering high quality wines , thanks to the fertile land of the region, which has allowed the development of first-rate wineries.

Finally, it is a town that also produces piscos (brandy produced by the distillation of the vine), so the offer of drinks is more than interesting.

Canopy Lunahuaná

If you are a lover of extreme sports , in Lunahuaná you have several alternatives to enjoy. The canopy is an activity that attracts more and more people, due to the incredible sensation of adrenaline of being flying that it produces.

On this occasion, you will be able to slide and fly through the incredible mountains of Lunahuaná.

Lunahuana canopy

Things to do in Lunahuaná

In addition to touring wineries, canopying or rafting, enjoying Peruvian cuisine and staying in incredible country houses, Lunahuaná offers other alternatives for visitors. There is something for everyone!

For example, following the trend of extreme sports and outdoor activities , you will be able to go trekking, mountain biking, drive ATVs, and go horseback riding. In turn, there are interesting archaeological sites to visit, such as the Incahuasi .

You can also cross the Catapalla suspension bridge on horseback or visit the famous “ Casa Encantada” , an enigmatic place whose fame has grown over the years.

On the other hand, there are very close places that are really worth knowing, such as the town of Quilmaná (just 13 km from Lunahuaná) and Pacarán , about 10 km to the northwest.

If you want to get even more into nature, you can go to Huancaya , where the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve is located, four hours from Lunahuaná, because it is a long trip leaving from the USA, we recommend you stay in Luanahuaná and spend the day in Huancaya. Here you can see a photo of this reserve:

Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve

In short, the offer of activities and places to visit is very large and diverse. That is why travelers take at least an entire weekend to fully enjoy this town.

Video Country House - Lunahuaná

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