Bank payday loan: Amount, repayment, duration and advice!

Infra Bank only grants consumer loans to its customers, therefore, if by reading the following lines, you are seduced by their payday loan, you must obligatorily open a current account with this bank without ATM. Their payday loan can finance a consumer good or cover a need for cash.

How much is Infra Bank able to grant and for how long?

How much is Infra Bank able to grant and for how long?

  • Like any credit, this one has a floor and a ceiling, they are 1,000 and 75,000 USD, subject to study of the file. Of course, the higher the amount borrowed, the more the income of the borrower will have to be substantial.
  • The repayment of the loan will be made according to a schedule, by fixed monthly payments. It can be spread over a period of 12 to 72 months.

Does this personal credit benefit from repayment flexibility?

Does this personal credit benefit from repayment flexibility?

The answer is yes. And it is reassuring to know that in the event of financial concerns, it is possible to easily arrange reimbursement.

  • Pausing monthly payments: As the name suggests, this consists of not paying a due date. But this can only be done twice a year. The first break can only take place 6 months after the signature of the file.
  • The modularity service of the reimbursement plan, the principle is as follows: The reimbursement plan is modified. It is either lengthened or shortened. In the first case the monthly payments are decreasing, and in the second they are increased.


In case of punctual financial concern : Prefer instead the monthly break, the fact of skipping a refund can in some cases be enough to put the finances back in balance.

In the event of a more serious problem (decrease in income, or financial glitch), it is more judicious to move towards the modulation of maturities. Because by reducing the amount of monthly payments, we increase its purchasing power.

In both cases, it is preferable to make the request to Infra Bank as soon as possible, since account must be taken of the deadline for implementing the modification.

It should however be well aware that these two solutions lengthen the duration of the loan as well as its cost. Because who says lengthening the term increases the overall amount of interest payable.

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