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Many people think that if they have an entry in the debtors’ register, they are not entitled to another loan. This is the case with banking institutions, but if you contact a non-banking company, you are of course entitled to obtain a loan. Simply guarantee the property.

Mortgage loan for indebted

Mortgage loan for indebtedMortgage loan for indebted

Imagine a person headed for a bank who has debtors’ records or even debts. It goes there in order to apply for a loan. Do you think he will have a chance to get a loan that he would need so much and that could help him so much? Unfortunately, such a person is completely without a chance when applying for a bank loan.

Fortunately, this is no longer such a problem. In addition to banks, you can also visit other institutions that are ready to accommodate you. We are talking about non-banking companies. For them, a non-bank mortgage without a register is a completely characteristic product. It will also lend to those who are worse off financially, who still have some ailments from the past, or entries. If this also applies to you, be sure to think about this alternative, because there is practically no other way to get funding.

Property liability cannot be avoided

Property liability cannot be avoided

In order to be granted a non-bank mortgage, you need to be able to secure real estate as a loan applicant. It is certainly clear to you why this is what companies require. For them, it is a kind of protection against debtors who do not need to repay. However, if you do not have such intentions, then there is nothing to fear.

You may not be sure what real estate to guarantee. Is yours enough? Is it worth enough to get you a mortgage without a registry? You don’t have to worry about that, experts will help you with the selection. However, it can be said that you can guarantee practically anything. People most often use these properties:

– Family houses

– Flats in personal ownership, cooperative flats

– Commercial premises

– Cottages

– Grounds

The problem may not occur even if you do not own any property. You can still find a so-called co-teacher, a person who undertakes to be responsible for you. These are most often family members or close friends whom you can trust and they can trust you.

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