Online Loan: How long does the payout

From the application to the payment of the loan it takes? After you have entered your loan application online, you will receive an answer within one bank working day. When can Eicredit Bank actually pay the money? Eicredit is, as the name implies, synonymous with the quick payment of the loan. He can complete the application at home on the PC and send it online to the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Loans

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Loans

How long does the application take? After receipt of your documents, the review takes only a few working days. If you submit the order with an electronic signature and video data, the review will take one working day. We may have requested additional documents from you and may delay processing.

Please check your e-mail inbox. What do I have to fulfill to apply for a loan with Eicredit? In order to receive a loan from Eicredit Bank, you must be of age and have a permanent residence in the Federal Republic. These may not have a negative contribution of the company or comparable negative characteristics with other credit agencies.

Further information is available at Eicredit. Can I still get a loan from Eicredit? No, with a negative entry of the company it is not possible to approve a loan. How can I, as a self-employed person, apply for a loan from Eicredit? There are no loans for the self-employed. Can a trainee apply for a loan with Eicredit?

What do I have to do to increase my existing balance?

What do I have to do to increase my existing balance?

The increase is possible at any time, please submit a new application. You can either group the loans or parallelize the new offer. Can I work for a temporary work agency or is limited in my employment, can I get a quote from Eicredit?

But you can easily make a loan application that is free for you. Note: It may make sense to add a second borrower to increase the chance of a loan purchase. Will I get a credit bureau entry if I make a credit report with Eicredit? Credit information from Eicredit Bank is requested from the Company via the function “Request credit terms”.

I submitted the application on the Internet and sent the signed order and my documents to Eicredit. To do this, you must provide the necessary evidence. The documents are now being submitted for approval as we want to ensure repayment of the loan. If you want to authenticate yourself via postal code and do not have an identity card, please inquire at your nearest post office if it is possible there.

If this is not possible at the post office, you can also identify yourself at the nearest Eicredit branch. To make an appointment, please contact the Eicredit branch in advance. What can I do if I need a loan? If you have a very quick loan requirement and it is only a small contribution up to 5,000 USD, our application is the right solution.

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