Payday loan: your personal loans fast and online


A loan adapted to all your projects, coupled with a 100% online subscription!

You want to change your decor? Organize a beautiful wedding? Renovate your house or go around the world? Whatever your project, the Payday Loan allows you to achieve it serenely.

  1. Simulate your financing and choose its terms
  2. Subscribe to the Payday Loan Online
  3. Get an immediate policy response
  4. Receive the funds as soon as you accept your application

The advantages of the Payday Loan

The advantages of the Payday Loan

Amount and duration determined

For your small and large projects, you borrow between $ 1,000 and $ 75,000, which you repay in 12 to 120 months.

And depending on the duration of your refund, your monthly payments vary!

No bad surprises

Choosing the Payday Loan is to benefit from a fixed Annual Total Effective Rate (APR) of 1.00% to 17.50% depending on the amount chosen and the duration of your repayment.

Use the money as you like

The nature of your project does not concern us! You receive the amount borrowed at one time from your bank account and use the money as you wish.

Once every 6 months, you can take a break, change your monthly payments (5) or refund all or part of your Payday Loan (according to the law).

Accident, illness… When borrowing a certain amount of money, it is better to feel protected in case of a hard blow.

That’s why Pre-Finance offers optional insurance (4) to support you in your project.

So that your credit does not become a concern, take advantage of all our assistance and concretize your projects safely.

I want to know more about credit insurance Are you still hesitating? Pre-Finance helps you find the credit that is really for you.

Payday Loan: a financing to your measure

Payday Loan: a financing to your measure

A Payday Loan is a borrowing solution that allows you to use it freely. Payday Loans stand out from traditional credit formulas that require justification for their uses. They are versatile and suitable for a large number of individual projects, such as a trip, a family event, etc.

The Payday Loan, a proven formula

A Payday Loan works like a classic bank loan. A sum of money is made available by the bank or credit institution after examination of the borrower’s file. The latter can use the sum planned as it sees fit. The contract between the creditor and the borrower will define the terms of repayment.

Payday Loans, what are the differences with other credit solutions?

Since its inception, consumer loans, including Payday Loans, have been used to finance and support your life. This implies a financial solution adapted to all needs. The Payday Loan differs from other loans (motorhome, boat…) by its versatility. For a trip, for example, the expenses will have various origins: reservations, transport, pocket money, etc. Only this type of loan can cover all of these expenses.

Apply for funding

It is with a lending agency, or specialized in credit, that will apply for a Payday Loan. As a first step, the agency will study the application to verify, among other things, the repayment capacity of the borrower. He may also offer optional insurance. The latter will have to inform his client of the terms of engagement with, in particular, a quantified schedule of the monthly payments to be repaid.

The Payday Loan proposed by Pre-Finance

Founded in 1951, Pre-Finance, which is a French leader in consumer loans, is a brand of the CreditCole Consumer Finance Group. With this experience and its expertise, Pre-Finance offers you:
– to guide you and advise you with Payday Loan simulators that will help you determine the amount of your monthly payments according to your budget and know including the fixed annual percentage rate of charge (APR).
– credit solutions that adapt to your situation.
– loans with insurance and assistance services to protect your loved ones in case of family change.
– allow you to enjoy your Payday Loan in a calm and responsible way.


Smart = Agile

The Payday Loan is a repayable loan at a fixed annual effective rate of interest (APR) of 1.00% to 17.50% (fixed debit rate of 0.995% to 16.236%) for an amount of $ 1,000 to $ 75,000, over a repayment period of 12 to 120 months.

Offer valid until October 23, 2019. Offer made on the basis of rates applicable over the period and subject to extension. Offer free of charge.

Offer subject to final acceptance after consideration of the supporting documents requested by Pre-Finance, CA Consumer Finance brand, lender.

You have a legal right of withdrawal when you subscribe your credit.

The electronic signature is proposed for Payday Loans, Personal Auto, Personal Motorcycle, Personal Caravan, Personal Works and Agile Renewable Credit. It is accessible subject to informing a mobile number when you apply online, this number is required to sign electronically. 

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