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For some clients, a bank can not cost anything – after all, they make money from customer deposits by lending, investing or investing. Third party fees We have included a broad cross section of direct and branch banks in our comparison to give our readers a good overview of ongoing costs and services. Not all banks offer checking accounts for clubs. In particular, direct banks like to keep away from special account holders (legal entities of private law) and offer their accounts only to private individuals. By comparison, all the major banks.

Comparison of all top suppliers

Comparison of all top suppliers

In addition to the account management fees, some banks charge an annual fee for checking, credit card and partner cards. For toll-free accounts, the following conditions apply among others: a monthly minimum deposit slip. If the bank raises a fee for each individual transfer or for the establishment of a standing order, the bank account becomes particularly costly. But a good user account does not have to cost anything. Naturally. Especially direct credit institutions, which have no branch office network, often represent a free alternative to costly bank accounts.

Even with a payroll account you often do without a fee for the account management. If you do not want to individually ask each bank about the conditions, you can use a current account comparison. A detailed overview of the services for which the respective providers charge fees can be found here. Another advantage: You can sort the offers according to different criteria and thus find even faster a free current account.

If there is a shortage of money: If the balance on the gaming account ends earlier than the calendar month, only the occasional cash remains. The interest rates on bank overdrafts are usually very high. Here too, it is often direct credit institutions that demand relatively low interest rates. For loading or just on the internet:

The bank branches and the direct bank have a checking account. So you can carry out your banking business, eg the non-cash payment transaction, either via branches or the network. In addition to online banking, a variety of institutions offer the possibilities of mobile banking via smartphones or tablets. Some banks have created their own banking app.

Some prefer to go to the nearest branch if they have any questions, others only need telephone or Internet advice. Direct banks often offer their bank accounts at very favorable conditions. If you prefer a bank with a branch office network, you can also find suitable offers via our current account comparison.

Conclusion on the question: which bank is right for me?

Conclusion on the question: which bank is right for me?

Which is the right bank? In fact, this question can only be answered for each individual person. We have created a list of questions so that anyone can find the account that best fits their individual needs and ideas. Click here for a major issue and you will be redirected directly to the most appropriate account for you.

This makes it easy to choose the right bank. Your personal account search: Below each item is a selection of the best credit institutions on the relevant topic. Whether it’s a toll-free bank account or a bank account with a good credit rating – here you can get the right bid and more information about the banks with just one mouse click.

So it’s very easy to determine which bank is right for your individual needs. Use the green button above to find out which bank is best for your needs! For a detailed and free search for a current account, our great comparison is suitable. With a free credit card payment one must turn usually to a direct bank – for the additional card the banks compute usually a surcharge.

You do not want to pay a fee for each payout in all these situations. These are the best banks for long-term free cash withdrawal domestically: Especially if you fall into the red at the end of the month, a low dispo interest rate is important. Although there is no longer much interest in night money, it may be nice to have a night deposit account to invest or save with your current account.

If you want the best banks, you also need investment opportunities. These accounts offer an additional account for overnight stays on the current account: Whenever it’s important to get paid as quickly as possible, anytime, anywhere, you should stick to the providers with the most cash dispensers: which, after all, is the cheapest bank can hardly be answered nationwide, even though Eicredit and DKB occupy some of the top spots.

Which bank is recommended or which bank offers the cheapest current account, can therefore only be clarified in conjunction with an evaluation of personal preferences and practices. Therefore, we have provided clear recommendations for action for each user group on this website so that everyone decides for themselves which bank is advisable. Our account finder is especially for those who want to have a current account immediately.

Because we show you exactly which is the cheapest, no-cost account, the cheapest free-card account, the cheapest branch office, etc., there is nothing in the way of the current account.

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