September 30, 2022

Chennai: DMK Spokesperson Attacks Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Days after Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman distinguished the CDM during debate on price hike in Lok Sabha, DMK spokesperson Murasoli Saturday took a dig at the minister saying she needed to keep her cool to find out about the financial situation of the Union government.
The Union Minister would not be able to comprehend the gravity of the situation if she lacked composure and remained angry, the party said in a hard-hitting op-ed. The ruling party criticized Nirmala for saying India’s economy and GST collection were robust. “If people are paying taxes properly, it means people are tolerating you and not Indian economy is stable. If many aspirants write NEET, does it mean everyone likes the exam? It seems that they levied a huge GST from Tamil Nadu. trying to say? That the industrialists of Tamil Nadu accepted the GST? said the DMK. Stating that the Indian economy and the remission of taxes were entirely different, the party has criticized the minister for levying a 5% GST on pre-packaged food.The ruling party said the cost of rice and wheat rose by 30% in the rest of the country in June and July, but not in Tamil Nadu because production was high due to wide coverage and maintaining a uniform supply of free rice under the public distribution system.” If we question it, the minister is talking about GST exemption on crematorium services, i burial, morgue and funeral. This shows why she was appointed Minister of Finance. She must shamelessly do what has been said,” the DMK said.