September 30, 2022

Finance Minister: Health industry is capable of providing safe care for the country

Hungarian industry, including the healthcare industry, is capable of providing the country with a complete and secure supply chain, the finance minister told Mátészalka on Thursday at the HUF 8 billion handover ceremony (cc. 20 million euros) for the development of healthcare project of EU-FIRE Kft.

Mihály Varga said the new factory in the small county town of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg can produce large quantities of surgical aids, syringes and protective devices, and production is fully automated and partially robotized.

The investment, made with the support of the Health Industry Support Program (ETP), has come with strong state support, and Hungary needs projects like Matészalka in many many other places and regions,” said the Minister.

He also said that beyond the ‘my house, my castle’ principle, these products should be transported to hospitals, and as many world-class domestically produced devices should be supplied to the Hungarian healthcare system as possible. .

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Filling gas reserves is key to economic stability, warns finance minister

Filling gas reserves is key to economic stability, warns finance minister

Hungarian reserves now stand at 36%, noted Mihály Varga, adding that the government has placed orders for new purchases.

The Hungarian health industry now strengthens the growth capacity of the economy, contributes to Hungary’s competitiveness at European level, and is also capable of exporting, underlined the Minister of Finance. He pointed out that products are made here that can provide health care anywhere in the world.

Varga pointed out that ETP developments, worth more than HUF 66 billion (€160 million), have helped create and maintain 5,700 jobs.

We strive to ensure that this is true for the food industry, the automotive industry and the mechanical industry and that there are more and more areas in which Hungary is able to produce products as as a leading direct producer or supplier, thereby strengthening the whole domestic economy,”

said the minister.

He also pointed out that the war in Ukraine is causing a crisis and an economic slowdown not only in Europe but in the whole world economy. Although the Hungarian economy is doing well in terms of industrial and production indicators within the global economy, it can already be seen that it will soon enter a recessionary environment through financial processes. If the government is not prepared for this, it will be the most serious mistake, Varga said, adding that high inflation and the European energy crisis will hamper the functioning of European economies, so the question of supply energy and the filling of reservoirs will be a key issue in the months to come.

Hungary’s energy reservoirs are currently 44% full, and the government is doing everything possible to ensure that most of the annual demand is met, Varga said, adding that there are no financial obstacles. and budget to that, and that the cabinet will provide the funds. .

Regarding the investment in Mátészalkai, Péter Kovács, strategic director of EU-FIRE Ltd., said that the nearby Kocsordi factory would start manufacturing precision metal and plastic medical devices for the national healthcare industry. health as early as 2021. The two-phase plant in Mátészalka is also capable of producing 300 million syringes, 350 million hypodermic needles and nearly 200 million nitrile examination gloves annually.

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The Kocsort and Matészalka factories employ around 100 people.

Sándor Kovács, Fidesz deputy for the region, stressed that the location of the factory in Mátészalka would reduce dependence on foreign manufacturers in the health sector.

The development of the local industrial park has also contributed to the investment, and in continuation of this, a development of the park of 60 hectares is underway, doubling the area of ​​the industrial park in the commune, said Péter Hanusi (Fidesz -KDNP), mayor of Mátalkala.

EU-FIRE Ltd. is a Hungarian family business, which was involved in several major real estate development projects as a designer and general contractor until 2007. Over the nearly one and a half decade they have been active as an investor and engineering expert in geothermal energy development projects, and has expanded its core business to agro-industry, manufacturing, high-tech and metallurgy.

Featured image via János Vajda/MTI