September 30, 2022

Government continues to strengthen cybersecurity: Minister of Finance

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has affirmed that the Indonesian government is making tireless efforts to strengthen cybersecurity in line with the continued acceleration of digital transformation in the country.

“It is crucial to improve cybersecurity, especially since we have now implemented digital signature,” the minister noted during the Indonesian Digital Financial Economy Festival 2022 webinar which was watched here on Monday.

Indrawati pointed out that cybersecurity is also important in rooting out digital attacks that quite often target government websites.

The minister noted that digitally signing documents is actually considered more secure, as the likelihood of documents being scattered can be minimized.

In addition, digitally signing documents allows government operations to run more efficiently, she pointed out.

The budget, which was previously allocated to office stationery, can be reduced and used to develop the digital infrastructure in the country, she explained.

Especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the government’s budget for holding in-person meetings may be reduced as many meetings are taking place through digital platforms.

“At the Ministry of Finance, we see that the budget management has changed because during the pandemic, all our activities have gone digital. Thus, all the costs of digital connectivity have increased. However, I hope that thereafter the efficiency in meeting costs and official travel would be reduced,” she noted.

Indrawati expressed optimism that in the future, online and offline meetings will be held in a balanced manner.

According to the Minister, it is essential to balance the offline and online activities of the government, as the offline activities of the government are always considered necessary to help stimulate community activities.

“Therefore, there still has to be a balance, so that there are government activities that can move the economy of the community,” she said.

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