September 30, 2022

Minister of Finance: Hungary supports EU financial aid to Ukraine

Hungary, like other member states of the European Union, is ready to support with guarantees the disbursement of EU aid to Ukraine, Finance Minister Mihaly Varga said on Friday in Prague.

Hungary has so far provided more than 28 billion forints (70.5 million euros) in aid to Ukraine and hosted more than 900,000 refugees from its northeast neighbour, the ministry said. of Finance quoting Varga after an informal meeting with his European counterparts.

The Hungarian government has called for an immediate ceasefire and peace talks since the start of the conflict, Varga said, noting that Hungary still does not allow arms shipments to transit through its territory. At the same time, he added, Hungary supports providing financial assistance to Ukraine to mitigate the damage caused by the war, with fair burden sharing.

Hungary and other EU member states neighboring Ukraine are forced to bear the financial burden of war effects that other member states do not bear, Varga said, adding that this too should be taken into consideration. when providing joint assistance.

The EU and its financial institutions disbursed nearly €5 billion in loans to Ukraine between 2014 and 2021, the ministry said. After the war began, EU leaders agreed in May to provide an additional €9 billion in aid to the country, including €1 billion to Ukraine last month. EU finance ministers agreed on Friday on a new €5 billion bailout package for Ukraine, to be followed by another €3 billion before the end of the year , the ministry said.