December 10, 2022

PN deputies question the Minister of Finance on Electrogaz, Steward and new magistrates

PN MPs Adrian Delia, Darren Carabott and Mark Anthony Sammut quizzed Finance Minister Clyde Caruana on financial details of Steward Healthcare, Electrogas as well as new domestic violence magistrates.

During parliamentary questions on Wednesday, Delia asked Caruana how much of the 80 million euros allocated to Steward Health Care was for workers’ wages, to which Caruana replied that the Ministry of Finance passed on the full amounts of the concession and had no details on how much of that amount is distributed to what people. Caruana also said the question should be put to the minister concerned.

Delia also questioned the doubling of the budget towards Steward, where €48m was awarded in 2020, which has now risen to €85m. Delia asks what checks have been carried out, as well as an explanation of the reason for the increase in the amount within two years.

Caruana said the correct information would be given once a written parliamentary question was asked.

He said talks with the respective ministries are underway to honor the requests, in this case, the Ministry of Health submits its request and the Ministry of Finance sees how the resources are spent.

Regarding the 40 million euros in taxes that were remitted to Electrogas, Carabott asked Caruana whether they were collected and whether Electrogas or Enemalta paid them. Caruana replied that he could not answer and asked that the question be put in writing.

Asked by Sammut about the cost of a new domestic violence magistrate, Caruana said there will be two more magistrates who will be provided with the necessary resources.